At Larkrigg Hall Farm we produce homegrown, seasonal, quality lamb.  We always ensure excellent value for money, competitive prices for you, our customers.  All our Lamb cuts are shrink wrapped for hygiene and freshness. Suitable to cook from fresh, or for your freezer.

Half Lamb showing vacuum packaging

Above is an example of a half lamb box and also shows the quality of the shrink wrapping. Each cut is labelled for convenience.  You can request certain cuts for your own preference i.e. Barnsley Chops, Racks of Lamb or the traditional lamb chops.

Half Lamb Box £75 (Collected)

Full Lamb Box £140 (Collected)

Our half and full lamb options provide the family with a variety of cuts. Create varied, delicious lamb recipes and meals, any day of the week.

Some of the seasonal lamb cuts included in the Full and Half Lamb Boxes are the popular Sunday Roast Leg of Lamb, versatile shoulder, delicious slow cooked and the ever popular lamp chops.

Leg of Larkrigg Lamb

The beauty of buying a full or half lamb is you get to try cuts of lamb you may not have tried before, whilst saving money on the cuts you already love.

Small Selection Larkrigg Lamb

Buying these cuts individually from a supermarket or butcher, can be expensive for this quality and taste. 

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